Projects by Kevin Leutzinger [My Github]

I enjoy making websites and tools that do useful things. Everything listed is made from scratch by me.

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Chrome Extensions

Link Title Description
Better Challonge Results Adds useful information (wins, losses, seeding) to the bracket results display on
Youtube Now Playing Description Shows the currently playing song of Youtube video song compilations from timestamps in the description
Twitch Pause Live Save your spot in a livestream to continue watching later on
Hide Retweets Hide retweets on twitter by specified users
Netflix Timestamp Link Send Netflix links at a specified time in the video
Full Size Instagram Right Click Easily see full size IG pictures

Peer to Peer Group Video Chat with 2d Movement and Spatial Audio [2020]

(Firefox only)
Youtube Demo
Move around a space while you video chat with friends. The people you are near are loudest.
Technologies used: Nodejs, WebSockets, HTML/JS/CSS
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[Source Code] (Collaboration with Aaron Santiago)

Rom Scraper/Downloader/Launcher [2020]

Using a gamepad or mouse/keyboard, quickly browse through as many roms as you can scrape from and launch them. I've added ~35,000 games to my collection.
More info here

[Currently Closed Source] (Collaboration with Aaron Santiago)

Automatic Melee Stage Music Player [2020]

Youtube Demo
The new Melee online build has music disabled, due to difficulty synchronizing reading audio files from disc.
This external program listens for live replay files and automatically plays the appropriate stage music.
Technologies used: Nodejs, HTML/JS
[Source Code] [2017]

A website that creates shareable compilations of multiple parts of youtube videos. It lets you combine or compare specific sections of many videos which then play in sequence when shared.
Technologies used: HTML/JS/CSS, Youtube Embedded Player API
[Source Code]

Better Challonge Results [2017]
A Chrome and Firefox extension that improves and adds features to the results screen on brackets. It adds displays for the wins/losses of every player, seeding, upsets, and more. Very useful for tournaments.
Technologies used: HTML/JS/CSS, Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension
[Source Code]

Full Size Instagram Right Click [2017]
A Chrome extension that allows you to right click on an Instagram picture to see and save it at full resolution. Technologies used: HTML/JS/, Chrome Extension
[Source Code]

Survive Simon's Rock College Game
An avoider game featuring every student's face from my old school Simon's Rock. Dodge the faces and try to make it to the end of the song.
Technologies used: HTML/JS, Firebase, Facebook API
[Source Code]

Planetary Motion Simulator
Set the initial conditions for the star, planet, and moon to see how they behave.
Technologies used: HTML/JS
[Source Code]
(made with Aaron Santiago)

Hearthstone Card Sound Identification Game Play the sounds and try to guess the card name.
Technologies used: HTML/JS
[Source Code] Homepage
Click refresh to get a new background.
Technologies used: HTML/CSS/JS, D3.js
[Source Code]

This Project Page

Technologies used: HTML/CSS

Hosting Multiple Websites and Domains

I set up a remote server from scratch to host multiple websites such as,
Technologies used: Lighttpd, Nodejs, VPS, Custom Domains

Python Game of Life One-Liner

def life(board):
  return [[int(int(sum(board[(y+y_d)%len(board)][(x+x_d)%len(board[0])] for y_d in range(-1,2) for x_d in range(-1,2)))+val*9 in (3,12,13)) for x, val  in enumerate(row)] for y, row in enumerate(board)]```
![](./img/life.png "")

[Read about the game of life here](  


### Quick Attack: A Kevbot Fox SSBM Combo Video
[Youtube link](